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Please present yourself at the reception 1 hour before the departure of your boat. Our free shuttle will bring you to the harbor 45 minutes before your boat's departure.
For your return, please indicate the boat's hour of arrival at Fromentine.



Article 1: SARL PARKING DUGUÉ, trading as PARKING DE L'OCÉAN, provides users with a parking space for a fixed period, subject to payment of a fee in accordance with the posted tariff. Any day started is due. An invoice is sent to the user by e-mail following each payment.


Article 2: All vehicles are parked by our team in parking spaces located within the PARKING DE L'OCÉAN premises. Vehicles are kept in these spaces for the duration of the user's stay on the Ile d'Yeu. Vehicle keys must be deposited at the parking lot reception desk to enable vehicles to be parked by our team; they will be kept in an alarmed room.


Article 3: As the service offered is the supply of a parking space, SARL PARKING DUGUÉ is under no particular obligation to protect the vehicles. Consequently, parked vehicles must be insured by their owners throughout the entire parking period.


In this respect, SARL PARKING DUGUÉ cannot be held responsible for, but this list is not exhaustive:


- Any mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle due to wear, seizure, oil or brake fluid leakage, puncture, or any other cause while the vehicle is parked.


- The obsolescence of the vehicle resulting from the length of time it has been parked and from defects specific to the vehicle.


- Any electrical or other malfunction of the ignition key (battery wear, etc.).


- Any damage caused by natural phenomena (storm, hail, sun, snow, water damage, etc.) or force majeure.


- Any shattering of the windshield or side window due to the impact of stone chips that existed prior to your arrival and which may result in breakage during your stay.


- Any fire originating in the user's vehicle or one of the other vehicles parked in the PARKING DE L'OCÉAN. It is forbidden to leave on board your vehicle any dangerous or explosive products or materials (gas cylinders, flammable products, etc.) or narcotics. LPG vehicles must also be reported to reception.


- Theft by break-in of objects and personal effects left in vehicles. SARL PARKING DUGUÉ makes every effort to provide the safest possible parking (the parking lot is fenced in, closed at night, and guarded by a guard dog and a security guard), but it only provides a parking space and not a security service. It, therefore, has no obligation to result with regard to the security of PARKING DE L'OCÉAN.


Having acknowledged this, the user waives, and will have his insurers waive, any recourse against SARL PARKING DUGUÉ and its insurers in respect of damage caused by fire, storm, hail, snow, explosion, water damage, theft, and vandalism.


Article 4 : Users may request a free inspection of their vehicle on arrival, which will be carried out by PARKING DE L'OCÉAN staff. Photos of the vehicle are taken by parking staff, and a copy of the report, dated and signed by both parties, is then given to the user. SARL PARKING DUGUÉ will not accept any claim in the absence of a contradictory appraisal.


Article 5: The vehicle is removed from the parking area by staff on the user day of return. The vehicle will only be returned to the hirer or to a person mandated in writing by the hirer. Any disputes (damage to vehicles) must be reported before the user opens or moves the vehicle.


Article 6: Parking in the parking lot in disregard of the general conditions is at the user's sole and exclusive risk.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay on the Ile d'Yeu.




Revision date April 2021


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